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Innovative Dies for
Large Structural Die Cast and
Multi-Action Plastic Parts


Die Cast Dies for Six
Industry Award Winners


The Cutting-Edge of
Large Structural Die Cast
and Multi-Action Plastic Parts


High Precision Multi-Action
Plastic Injection Molds

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General Die & Engineering
On the Cutting-Edge of Building Dies for
Large Structural Parts
TS9 4689


Since 1971, General Die & Engineering has been building robust tooling the thoroughly meets and exceeds customers' standards. Our wide ranging capabilities include:

    • Die Cast Dies
    • Coining Dies
    • Trim Dies
    • Plastic Injection Molds
    • Thermoset Molds
    • Aerospace Hot Form
    • CNC Machining
    • CMM Certification
    • Mold Repair
    • Polishing and Benching
    • Offshore Receiving Services


General Die & Engineering’s objective is to provide 100% satisfaction with 100% on time delivery. We provide detail-oriented program management to ensure not only the best quality of our product but also ensure our customers' needs are fulfilled. Our complete program management system includes:

    • Part Design
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Production Molds
    • Mold and Part CMM


General Die & Engineering's management team ensures that our employees know our customers’ expectations and strive to make sure that they are met. Our internal metrics show we have achieved on-time delivery of 99.9% for the past 36 months and 100% for the past 27 months. 

    • 100% On Time
    • On Budget
    • Over 50 Years of Experience
    • Continual Improvement


General Die & Engineering works with a wide-variety of manufacturers, often tackling projects that others couldn't get done. When you need innovation on your next project, give us a call.

    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Consumer Goods
    • Medical and Industrial Lighting
    • Construction and Mining Equipment
    • Office Furniture

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The success of General Die & Engineering, in an industry that demands excellence, is no small achievement. Global competition has forced manufacturers to raise the standard of quality while lowering costs.

General Die & Engineering has met the challenge. We start by investing in people, then upgrading equipment and software, and offering a continuously expanding line of services – a testament to the innovative thinking and teamwork of all companies employees.

General Die & Engineering is currently certified to ISO9001:2015.

Whitehall Township Tooling Coalition

The Whitehall Township Coalition is an alliance of eight tooling manufacturer, formed under the Michigan Renaissance Zone Act, that work together in a collaborative fashion to share expertise, capabilities, and improve the ability of niche or specialized shops in the group to compete for larger programs. 

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