50 years

50 years

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From product design to completed mold, our engineering team has the experience to handle multiple complex projects. Our product design utilizes NX1892. Our customer service is supported by our skilled engineering staff, which specializes in full 100% 3D designs and complete 3D solid modeling.

TS9 4530 GenDie

Project Engineering

Our project engineering team has over 75 years combined experience. You can be confident their knowledge and expertise will result in robust tooling to meet your needs as well as the quality requirements of your customer.

Project Engineering Details

IMG 8720General Die & Engineering’s objective is to provide 100% satisfaction with 100% on time delivery. We provide detail-oriented program management to insure not only the best Quality of our product but also ensure our customer’s needs are fulfilled. Our internal metrics show we have achieved on time delivery of 99.9% for the past 36 months and 100% for the past 27 months.Project Engineering Tools We Use Include:

  • New tool Kick-off meetings to review the scope of work, customer tooling needs and standards.
  • Design & Engineering check sheets at three different levels to ensure customer requirements are followed, Action items logs are reviewed so build questions are resolved in a timely manner.
  • A Mold build plan detailing customer expectation is developed with descriptive build requirements for each department.
  • CMM “Metrology” check requirements are developed with the customer to ensure all critical features are controlled and checked.
  • A detailed Mold Check List is completed by the tool maker and reviewed by the Forman & Program manager at the end of the build prior to shipment. We encourage our customer to inspect their tools with us prior to delivery.
  • Any non-compliant issues will be corrected prior to shipment or shipped with the customer’s authorization.
  • Any defect would then be corrected after first sample during the first progression of the tool.
  • Program management personnel will attend meetings with the customer as well as aid at the tool First run at a sample facility or customer’s facility.
  • We use an internal machining schedule “MS Project Master Timeline” for all CNC machines including any sub-contractors if needed.
  • Microsoft Project is used for planning and tracking all tool builds detailing Engineering, to all operation in the cavities, building of the mold base, to final assembly.
  • The dedication of our management team here at General Die & Engineering guarantee’s our employees know our customers’ expectations and strive to make sure that they are met.

Project Engineering Contacts

Our engineering staff is ready to quote your tooling needs.

Whether it's a single tool or an entire tooling package, GDE has the experience you need.

Troy Monroe, Engineering Manager

  • Engineering Design
  • Data Management

Phone (616) 871-1454

Curt Herrington, Program Manager

  • Die Cast
  • Plastic Injection
  • Global-sourced Tooling

Phone (616) 871-1467

David Kwiek, Program Manager, I.T. Manager

  • Die Cast
  • Trim Dies
  • Plastic Injection
  • I.T. - Technical Support

Phone 616-871-1447

John Perry, Program Manager

  • Die Cast
  • Coining Dies
  • Aerospace -  Hot Form

Phone (616) 871-1448

Steve Wiltjer, Estimator, Program Manager

  • Plastic Injection
  • Thermoset Molds
  • Die Cast

Phone (616) 871-1461

CAD / Design

Our design team has an average of over 16 years experience in tool design and modeling. Working entirely in full 3D solid modeling gives our designers the ability to clearly articulate design concepts, issues or problems, as well as their solutions.

Plastic Injection Molds

Specializing in highly visible parts both interior and exterior. Widely known for building difficult injection molds with multiple actions and diamond finished cavities. One of the foundations of our multi faceted tooling service we offer here at General Die & Engineering.

Die Cast Dies

Specializing in magnesium and aluminum die cast dies built to your specifications and standards. GDE has long been an industry leader, fulfilling todays timing and quality needs to meet expectations in making lighter and more fuel efficient cars of tomorrow.

Die Cast Coining/Straightening Dies

General Die & Engineering is the domestic industry leader with the most experience, 8-years, in building coining/straightening dies for the die cast structural industry.